gleb savchenko

Registered Massage Therapist


My path to studying the art and science of movement wasn't so straightforward. Growing up with a knack for numbers, I actually started off my working life on Bay street as a consultant. A chance knee injury while playing soccer, the resulting surgery, and the lengthy rehab process that followed, led me to completely re-evaluate my career.

Having grown up in Kazakhstan playing soccer and badminton, my passion for athletics really took flight when my family immigrated to Canada. I naturally gravitated towards hockey; it taught me about teamwork, competition, sacrifice and how to take a hit! Ultimately, it was my drive to get back to skating after my surgery, that inspired me to pursue studies in massage therapy.

Today I combine my personal experience in injury rehabilitation, my problem solving and pattern recognition skills from Bay street, and my continuous pursuit of learning in manual therapy and movement, to empower my patients to live fully and move freely. The human body has an incredible propensity to heal itself; using a combination of education and a hands-on/movement based approach, I hope to provide patients with the skills that they need to keep moving. With additional training in pilates, yoga and strength & conditioning, I also excel at helping high-performance athletes, dancers and fitness fanatics achieve new personal bests.

In my spare time, I love reading up on the human form. I’m also an avid urban hiker; I love exploring coffee shops, patios, studios/gyms and the other eclectic offerings that each Toronto neighbourhood has to offer. Fall is my favourite season — not only because of the pretty colours outside, and the endless layers in my wardrobe (hoodies on hoodies!), but because it also marks the start of the sports season, when I get to flex my skills as an armchair quarterback!