Lindsay goodman

Registered Physiotherapist

  • PT, BAKin (hons), MScPT

Most of my childhood was spent in a dance studio. Dance was my passion for 13 years, but it's also where my interest in biomechanics and movement began. In my teens I developed an interest in sport and quickly joined the swim, soccer, softball, and rugby teams; these are where my love for sport and true understanding of injury really developed.

After graduating from university and working briefly in broadcasting, I rediscovered my passion for sports and injury while preparing for a figure competition in 2007. From this point on, my life was never the same: I spent the next few years pursuing a bachelors degree in kinesiology, masters of physiotherapy, and developing the skill set that I continue to sharpen every day. My unique background and understanding of movement has helped me to develop a knack for rehab, keeping my patients active, and helping them to achieve their own physical activity goals.

My happy places are at the gym, yoga studio and hiphop class. I enjoy lifting and participating in all kinds of sports. I recently become a golfer and have also rediscovered tennis, but really I think I just enjoy being outdoors in the summer. I love traveling, trying new delicious food, and — let’s be honest — binge watching Netflix.