candice wong

Founder / Owner + Physiotherapist

  • PT, BAKin (hons), DPT, FCAMPT, CIDN

  • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy

  • Certified in integrated dry needling

When I was thirteen, I took my first summer job — begrudgingly — volunteering in the physiotherapy department at a local hospital. After my first shift, I begged my parents to let me quit; why on earth would anybody want to become a physiotherapist?!

Here’s the plot twist: by the end of that summer, I had completely fallen in love with the profession. I learned that physical therapy seamlessly integrates movement and human interaction, while helping people get better / be stronger / reach their goals. And in later years, through education, training, basketball and rugby injuries of my own, I grew to truly understand the human body as a whole. To this day, I live to understand the interconnections of its systems, and try to teach my patients how to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to their health.

I love working and living in Leslieville! In my spare time I play guitar, travel and explore toronto’s breweries. And despite my passion for the great outdoors, indoor rock climbing is my latest obsession :)