Aimee shen

Certified Pedorthist

  • BAKin (spec hons), C.Ped (C), C. Ped Tech (C), CSEP-CEP

  • Certified Pedorthic Technician

  • Certified Sigvaris and Jobst Fitter (of compression socks)

  • Certified exercise physiologist

  • Custom orthopedic bracing

Considering that I had a fear of feet growing up, working with them is the last thing I thought I'd be doing! I stepped into this profession after studying and working in kinesiology, exercise physiology and health information management. Each field proved to be interesting, but always lacking "something" for me.

Then came my internship with a pedorthist. My first day on the job felt like being back in kindergarten — but for adults! Learning to use a bandsaw and an industrial grinder, cutting, pasting, heating material and creating plaster molds… all of this combined the 'arts & crafts' aspect of the field, with the science of biomechanics that I had studied in school. I finally found that special "something" that was missing: hands-on creativity.

I love the 1-on-1 interaction that I have with my clients as they work through their recovery process. Being able to handcraft their custom orthotics from scratch, and watch such a simple change make a huge impact on their daily lives, is truly a passion of mine. These days, feet are not longer scary to me, but rather a fascinating part of the many different complex bodies that I work with and learn from every day.

When I'm not at the clinic, you can usually find me at the dog park with my son, at the climbing gym or squash courts, or in the backcountry on a canoe trip.