ronald castro

Registered Massage Therapist


Growing up in Toronto, I was not an active kid. I was not enrolled in every sport possible. I was always picked last for every team. And I nearly drowned as a child. 

Needless to say, if you were to tell me that I would one day become a massage therapist for one of Toronto’s top private clinics and work with some of Swimming Canada's greatest athletes, I would have laughed in your face!

But life has a funny way of taking your perceived weaknesses and gracefully revealing them as strengths, as joy. I may not have been the strongest athlete or most elegant mover, but I certainly didn’t let that stop me from understanding how other people could achieve such great athletic feats.

The human body is fascinating. It amazes me that we all have the same bones and muscles, yet we manage to move and experience pain/injury so differently. That's why it's important to watch people move as a whole and not just focus on one specific area. As a practitioner, I strive to put the "therapy" back into “massage therapy”: a relaxation treatment can be great, but helping patients to recover through specific treatment plans and exercises is what’s going to help them see a big difference.

For fun, I enjoy powerlifting and the occasional Crossfit class. As for becoming a better swimmer, I am…still working on that part.