clarissa wang

Registered Physiotherapist

  • PT, BScKin, MScPT

Growing up, I was known for having permanently bruised shins from all the activities I'd get up to, whether that be tennis camp, climbing trees or riding my bike down the steps of my parents' front porch. As I got older, my increased participation in any sport I could get my hands on (and the resulting injuries), combined with exposure to the world of kinesiology, led me to pursue physiotherapy. 

These days, I’m a physiotherapist, and my passion for movement continues to grow. I have come to learn that the human body is a beautifully complex machine — one that can think and feel, adapt, and become stronger and more resilient. I consider myself lucky to be able to come to work, listen to my patients' stories, and work together to get them back to the activities that make them feel alive: playing with their kids, traveling, participating in elite level sport, etc.

Outside of [mend]physio, you'll likely find me on my road or mountain bike, at the climbing gym, or strength training...or, when I get the chance, backcountry hiking, downhill skiing, and searching the globe for delicious food. When feeling a bit less activity-inclined, I'm found caring for my multitude of houseplants or having a photoshoot with my cat, Elliott.